Perfect World International - Harshland - Lvl 3
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IGN : hossein
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PostSubject: ASSASSIN/94   Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:25 pm


Guild/Faction (current and former):herculean-zamyra
Reason why u left (if applicable):no1 online there lol
Reason why u want to join:this faction is active and i got friends in here

Will you attend minimum 1 TW a week (usually 8-11pm EST on Fri/Sat) :yea
Do you understand that you might not get a place in every NightOwls TW :yea

Will you use Ventrillo for talking and/or listening :yea
Will you check forums daily to be updated on info about the guild :yea

Do you agree to the RPK rule we have without exception :yea
Do you agree to read the guild rules and guidelines given forum access :yea
Do you agree to abide by any NightOwls officers instructions :yea
Are u willing to do guild base quests daily? :idk how to do ill try

TimeZone (GMT) :
Primary language :persian
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